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Chuck Idol

Owner, Contractor and Consultant

301 991 1239

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Long Island Builders, LLC


Designs, develops and builds, educational, business development, training, marketing and other solutions using both information technology and other non informational technology based products and services and Project Management services.


We specialize in Project Management Services helping to run and manage all phases of a business and technology projects with end to end process and control solutions that meet your business goals and objectives. We provide the services and solutions to bridge business and technology.







Project Management - Program Management Services :


Requirements - Design - Change Management - Strategic Planning - Application Implementation - Compliance Testing - Vendor Management - Contingency Planning - Organizational Design & Development - Work Flow Mapping - Risk Mapping - Capability and Maturity Modeling - Systems Integration - RACI Matrix Build - System Design - User Acceptance TestingSystem Testing - Integration Testing - Web Site Design and Maintenance - Trace Matrix Build



Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC )

Requirements: Trace Matrix





Long Island Builders - Business Operation Description 
10501 Telecommunication Service Providers 
10502 Telecommunication Service Providers - Wired (Rebillers and Resellers)
10511 Telecommunication Equipment Providers 
11021 Application Service Provider Industry Verticals 
11031 Hosting Services Reseller - no hosting entities 
11041 Technology Service Provider
11081 Computer Systems Integration services
11121 Computer Facilities Management 
11131 Computer Installation, Repair, Maintenance & service– commercial
11171 Software & Internet Design Services 
35511 Computer Refurbish and Resale 
42071 Computer Data Processing
42161 Internet Search & Indexing Tool Provider 
43711 Contract Work - Repair on Finished Electronics Products
48211 Electronics Manufacturing - Research & Development 
48531 Software Developers & Technology Service Providers - Research & Development
48811 Computer service or Repair w/Office  

Long Island Builders, LLC

Established 2000

P.O. Box 408

Port Washington N.Y 11050


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